Pakistani Super Hijab Designer

Pakistani Supermodel turns Hijab Designer | Mar 7th 2011

Let’s roll out that red carpet, because we have a new image going around. Atiya Khan–Pakistani Supermodel turns into Hijab Designer. Who would’ve thought, right? But before we get any wrong preconceptions on her not so subtle 180 , why not see what the reasoning behind her turn really was.
Atiya Khan wore the hijab herself, once upon a time. Though she does not wear it now, she is very much emotionally, spiritually, and mentally attached to Islam. But being a woman who knows the misconceptions that the media can so easily portray, she uses that to gear her own route. Because honestly, when seeing those four words–Pakistani. Supermodel. Hijab. Designer.–who wouldn’t have a negative thought about Islam and its portrayal?

The media has shown hijab as “oppression” for women for so long now that going from glam to drab probably would not sound so appealing to the audience trying to become modernized. But Atiya Khan had a vision. She did not want women to be stuck behind their shell. Why should a woman let herself be brought down by the words of people who don’t understand? She took her supermodel background, and encrypted the hijab right in to it.
Seeing fashion as a means to push the boundaries to their limits, Khan puts together both things she loves and makes her mission both a very genuine and personal one. She steers her wants to become something big and aims to do just the same with her designer hijabs.

More on the awe-inspiring of Atiya Khan can be watched at .

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