Turkish exports exceeded $ 100 billion

Exports exceeded $ 100 billion

Zafer Caglayan, the remaining four months of 2012, exports mobilization in a written statement with the Medium-Term Program (MTP) is the target of 148.5 billion export target will be achieved stressed. Caglayan,”as of September 7, 2012 exceeded $ 100 billion in exports. 100 billion dollars in exports in 2011 had reached at the beginning of October 2011. Exports of $ 100 billion last year, performed about 1 month ago. 2011 Statistics of Turkey in the period January 1 to September 7 Institute (TSI), and Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) data, exports were $ 89.7 billion. exports in the same period of 2012, according to the TSI and TIM reached $ 100.4 billion.compared to the same period last year, exports increased by 11.9 percent. MTP close as possible to do with the export of the remaining four months, which is the target will reach 148.5 billion dollars, I believe.”he said.

While the effects of the global financial crisis in many countries of the world, Turkey is still a success with the economy’s performance proved once again expressed Cagle, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa despite political for confusion expressed the importance of increasing exports. Minister Caglayan said:

“72 percent of exports realized in Europe, Middle-East and North Africa political, economic and social crisis is in progress difficult to show a significant increase in exports., However, it manages to Turkey. Exports in the European countries, the share is as high as we are successful in another country that does not exist.”

The first reason for this increase is the success of that endeavor transfer market diversification Waterfall studies,”since 2009 in Europe, with countries and regions of the world are trying to compensate losses. Bunda were also very successful. Market as a pillar of the success of Turkey’s exports in the period 2009-2012 We see our efforts to diversify. based on reaching $ 100 billion today, there’s this.”he said. Exports of $ 100 billion this year, a month ago, was reached last year, underlining the Minister of the Economy,”in 2011 had reached $ 100 billion on October 3. Reached on 7 September this year. This gives us the courage to overcome 148.5 billion dollars. 4 months We’ve got a close. All manufacturers, exporters, exporter associations and the best way to evaluate the remaining duration Turkey perçinleyeceğiz this success.”he said.

“pair first 7 months of decline in exports pulled down 4.1 BILLION DOLLARS” Minister Caglayan, 2012, should be evaluated separately in previous years, pointing,”is a great success especially in the current rate of increase in exports would be known. Continuing effects of the global financial crisis as well as the euro/dollar parity, despite a lot of negative impact of the decline in export figures 2012 indeed increase a great success. pair drew down $ 4.1 billion in exports to decline in the first 7 months. This means that the pair had not fallen by 4-5 points higher than at present rate of increase in exports and 100 billion dollars in exports, not today it has reached 2 weeks ago ‘d be. Unfortunately, this influence began to be felt especially in the last 3-4 months, and for a while it will feel serious.”he complained about.

Minister Caglayan, it is important that the contribution of exports to growth in net Caglayan said:

“The contribution of net exports to growth in the second quarter will be on three points. Growth in the second quarter data which will be announced on Monday that Turkey will see that it has grown thanks to net exports., Just as in the first quarter, our economy will grow by net exports. Accounts contribution of net exports to growth 2 . fourth quarter will be on the score of 3 points.’ll see this support will continue in the third quarter. Turkey’s economy will have a significant share of net exports to growth in this year.”


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