9 things to tolerate if your boyfriend is an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is no bed of roses.Initially I thought of using the title '9 reasons you shouldn't date an entrepreneur' but then I changed it to this.
Everyone needs to be strong.
Here are a few things a lady needs to be prepared for if she takes up this Herculean task (and very few do).
1) Every morning they will bore you with Paul Graham's essay that they read last night.
You should at least be prepared to listen to the 'notes' from the essay.
2)They will disturb you at 5 am to tell you the new idea they just got to beat the new competitor in the market.
3)Start-ups are like a sine curve and so will be your partner's mood.
A roller-coaster ride is an understatement. One day, they'll be high on cloud 9 and the next day they'll slump down into the dark depths of gloominess.
4)They will tell you about the latest investment of sequoia capital in some groundbreaking technology.
You should be prepared to hear how that technology will change the world.
5)They will be online on Instant Messenger for 24 hours, but will mostly never reply to your chat.
They are always in the middle of something important on another tab.
6)You will never understand a single word of what they will tell you about new investors approaching them with cash.
But they will always be too cashless to take you on a date/movie to a good place.
7)They will always be looking for rock-stars to join their team and on every date, they will ask if any of your talented friends are sick of corporate culture and want to join a start-up at a lower salary.
8)They won't be able to talk to you about any latest movies/TV shows that have released recently.
They prefer to spend time reading Techcrunch, Mashable or Yourstory instead of watching the idiot box.
9) Every time you fight with them, instead of convincing you at that moment, they will ask you to analyse the situation step by step so that 'we can solve this fight completely'.

By Sahil Baghla

One thought on “9 things to tolerate if your boyfriend is an entrepreneur

  1. Walid Nouh says:

    she will be always be second for his big idea. better to dump the guy and invest in an established firm. then again, LOVE is BLIND !!

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