Are we ready to discuss the benefits of camel’s urine ? أنحن مستعدون للحديث عن منافع بول الإبل

Egyptian doctor: The benefits of drinking camel urine, per the prophet

by Timothy Whiteman,
October 9th 2012

I’ll just have a wee one…

Most in the Western World would consider drinking the urine of any animal to be not only taboo, but downright nauseating.

Despite the best efforts of a nationally televised Egyptian doctor, it turns out that more than a few Muslims share the same sentiments as Westerners.

As published in Front Page Magazine, writer and academic Raymond Ibrahim translated a recent Egyptian television segment (video, lower left), in which Dr. Zaghlul al-Naggar, “a prominent Islamic thinker and Chairman of Egypt’s Committee of Scientific Notions in the Quran” discussed the notion “of drinking camel urine as a form of therapy — first proposed in the 7th century by Muslim prophet Muhammad.”

Two notable Egyptians were given airtime to debate the practice with Dr. Naggar.

Initially, Muslim intellectual Khaled Montaser reminded all involved that “urine is where all the body’s toxins are carried out, asking ‘so, shall we drink it for health?'”

Dr. Naggar ended the exchange with a haughty;

“I am older than you and more learned than you: you are not going to teach me; I will teach generations of people like you.”

Secondly, Egyptian secular thinker, Sayyid al-Qemany — “whose strong support for rationalistic thinking and the separation of religion and state caused Egypt’s Islamic establishment to pronounce him an apostate infidel — also joined the show via phone, deploring the very idea that drinking camel urine could heal people.”

Qemany refered to drinking camel urine as a “catastrophe” which only further illustrates just how low the Egyptian nation has sunk.

In an attempt by Naggar “to defend the ‘salutary benefits’ of camel urine by arguing that European pharmacies produce a medicine that contains female urine (possibly a reference to HCG).”

“Qemany replied that such medicines are not based on drinking crude urine but are synthetic, exclaiming, ‘does this mean I should go drink my wife’s urine?!'”

A Long And Illustrious History Of Drinking Camel Urine…

The cited debate isn’t the first time in the history of Islam that certain allegedly learned individuals have touted the medical benefits of ingesting the urine of dromedaries.

As stated in Fatwa 83423, entitled “The Benefits of Drinking Camel Urine” penned by Sheikh Muhammed al-Munajjid, cites Muslim teachings throughout the centuries that illustrate the medical cures brought on by camel urine.

Munajjid claims drinking the animal’s urine cures a host of maladies, ranging from dandruff to liver disease to cancer.

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