Project management: A sufi perspective based on “The Book of Suffering” by Attar of Nishapur

A sheikh goes with his disciples to procure an urgently needed, expensive millstone. When one of them stumbles and the stone falls to the ground and breaks, the sheikh is ecstatic. The disciples are disgruntled that they have carried the stone over several days for nothing – so why, to crown it all, is the sheikh ecstatic about such misfortune ? By breaking, the sheikh answers, the stone has been saved from constantly turning into circles, saved from its confusion and from wandering about. If it had remained intact, it would have had to keep turning constantly; but now the stone has found peace.

“When I saw that the stone had found peace by breaking, my heart too became soft as a bee-wax; the stone revealed its secret to me.” 

Whoever has been taken over by unrest

Will be freed; he needs only break.

Whoever stays confused and restless

Will not find relief for all eternity.


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