Attar of Nishapur address to the Mullah in Musibet Name

You have castles like those of kings,

You live like Khosrow, not in the poverty of Ali.

You have prettier robes than the ladies,

Ride on horses like those in Qarun’s stable.

Your faces are darkened and grim,

Your character and ways are devilish in nature.

Bound to Pharaonic customs,

The mourning rites of those who worship flames.

Your qualities are worthy of kind Shaddad,

Megalomania, greed, and lust for popularity.

All these are your attributes, and there are still worse,

Only one is alien to you: the faith of Mohammed.

You are captives to custom, dignity and office, by day or by night,

There is one thing you lack: the faith of Mohammed.


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