Chasing the God Particle

ATOMIC IMPACT CERN’s Large Hadron Collider tears protons apart by putting them on a collision course at nearly the speed of light. In a 10 billion dollars experiment, more than 6000 physicists, split in two competing groups, are monitoring the mammoth collider hoped to catch a fleeting glimpse of hidden Higgs, or God Particle, in the subatomic rubble.



2 thoughts on “Chasing the God Particle

  1. Walid Nouh says:

    Some chase after God passionately and arduously in micro and macro worlds. Other run "away" from God driven by the overwhelming anxiety of the "mysterium tremendum". Then, we have the lucky bastards whom God have personally identified and revealed himself in a religious catechism. But, very few enlightened ones have simply immersed themselves in silence.

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