Duplicate Migration of Dirassat to dirassat.wordpress.com

Dear participants,

I have performed a duplicate migration of “dirassat” content to dirassat.wordpress.com in addition to dirassat.posthaven.com.

I will be evaluating both services and finalizing one shortly. It all depends on the speed with which Posthaven can ramp up their functionality from the existing beta release.

You are invited to send me your input to my email at walid@dirassat.org.

I am planning a final migration to “dirassat.org” address using WordPress or Posthaven blogging services. A joined administration of the blogging is needed for the continuity of the blogging services for future generations.

Today is the final day for dirassat.posterous.com before the service shuts down on midnight.

I bid you all farewell and a successful new reincarnation in the new platform.

Dirassat Posterous Died …  Long Live Dirassat …




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